Sectional automatic garage doors

Sectional lifting garage doors are among the most popular and practical stylistically interesting, safe, easy, and versatile garage door systems. These doors are called sectional because they open and close with individual sectional panels/panels that move along the guiding mechanism. Due to this mode of operation, they can be installed in almost all shapes of garage openings, for example, at an angle, with high lift, with vertical lift, etc.

With sectional garage doors, you can fully utilize the space in front of and behind the garage opening, as they open vertically and then slide under the ceiling/roof. This mode of operation is ideal for short driveways, garages near walkways, and for solving issues that high terrain vehicles or other taller vehicles can cause inside the garage.

Insulated sectional doors are characterized by their high sealing capability. The high security of double-coated insulated sectional doors means that these doors are ideal for garages used not only for vehicles but also to help maintain a constant internal temperature.

A garage used as an office, workshop, relaxation space, gym, or simply for storing excess household items for which there is no space in the house will be more comfortable with insulated sectional doors. Sectional garage doors seal very well around their entire perimeter, preventing dust, leaves, or rain from entering the garage.

In addition, insulated sectional doors offer a wide range of dimensions and a wide choice of colors and finishes, as well as very modern "designer" doors.

Why insulation?

There are three simple reasons to choose insulated sectional garage doors:

  •     Greater panel strength for improved security.
  •     Excellent thermal insulation properties.
  •     To break the thermal bridge, which consequently prevents condensation on the inside of the garage doors.

None of the insulated sectional garage doors supplied by KIP KOP d.o.o. contain CFC; they are filled with polyurethane foam, and the structural panel is made of galvanized steel with a double coating.
The construction of 40mm thick panels offers exceptional strength and reduces damage from collisions and impacts.
Properly installed insulated sectional doors provide an incredibly high U-value rating and reduce heating costs in adjacent rooms during the winter, such as storage rooms, while maintaining a consistently stable temperature in the garage throughout the year, making it ideal for storing valuable collector's vehicles or other valuable items that could be damaged in humid conditions. Additional accessories are available to further enhance insulation properties (additional top seals, sealing brushes, bottom seals...).
Sectional garage doors always provide the highest level of weather sealing.

KIPLIFT sectional garage doors are made from panel boards composed of double-layered galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish. The supplier of the panels for KIPLIFT sectional garage doors is the renowned Swiss company TECSEDO. The construction of the steel panels of KIPLIFT sectional garage doors is typically double-coated with an insulation core. The thickness of the double-coated door panels is 40 mm.

The steel door panels of sectional doors are externally covered with a pattern of natural wood, giving them a practical and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Smoothly finished steel panels have a simple modern look that complements contemporary architecture. These sectional doors are known as "FLAT" doors. There are also doors covered with a laminate foil in the appearance of golden or dark oak, mahogany, or walnut. In our offering, you can also find patterns with a cassette motif or "BLOCKS."

The basic price mostly includes door leaves in a woodgrain texture, exceptionally in the RAL 9007 color, where a smooth motif with a single line is included as standard!

Upon customer request, we can provide doors in the following motifs:

-LINEAR MOTIF woodgrain
-SMOOTH MOTIF with a single line

The mechanics of all sectional garage doors are quite different from swinging garage doors. The suspension system helps in better and smoother operation, especially for larger doors. All sectional garage doors can be operated manually or remotely, and in any case, due to their excellent design and components, the operation is very smooth and quiet. According to the law, the panels of all sectional doors must have a design that prevents pinching and potential injuries.

When sectional garage doors are open, they offer the entire usable width since they do not have side lifting arms. The usable height is also fully usable.

Sectional garage doors have two choices of lifting mechanisms with torsion springs.
The spring positions can be:

    Torsion spring mounted in the front (minimum headroom requirement = 18 cm),
    Torsion spring mounted in the rear (minimum headroom requirement = 10 cm).

Each different option has different requirements regarding ceiling space, and there are also significant structural attachment points for the installation of springs and guides. Proper installation of these springs is essential for correct, reliable, and safe operation.

The doors are equipped with ball-bearing guide wheels covered in silicone rubber, which allows for quiet and smooth movement of the doors along the guides.

Unlike swinging doors, sectional garage doors do not have sub-frames, as they require installation directly on the structural surface or, in the case of intermediate installation, a special installation kit. Unlike the frame for swinging doors, it does not have a boxy cross-section or a head and foot for locking. The frame actually only carries the equipment and the spring mechanism, and for installation, it only requires a good, solid, and firm surface.

Sectional garage doors are highly adaptable in terms of size for two reasons.

First: The entire sectional door does not swing through the opening because it is installed inside the garage opening, and the steel mounting frame is designed to be partially visible or completely concealed. What matters is that there is enough lateral space inside the room (CL or Cd = min. 10cm) and ceiling space - headroom (min. 10cm or max. 18cm).

Second: The strength of the panels means that large widths as well as heights up to 3000 mm pose no problem. The widest currently available garage doors measure 6500 mm.

Sectional garage doors were originally designed for installation in a wall opening, which was a result of the front-mounted mechanism with tension springs and wider guides. Due to this installation position, the advantages of passage width and height also increased.

KIPLIFT sectional garage doors, which are installed today, still have a similar design but can now be installed within a wall opening with the help of an additional customized installation kit and different versions of spring mechanisms. Typically, in the construction of your garage, the only limitations are the sufficient ceiling space for the curve of the guides and the depth of the space for their length.

When ordering, reference dimensions always refer to the actual wall opening. However, the dimensions of garage openings can be quite different since sectional garage doors do not swing through the opening and can be installed for a wider or narrower opening if there is enough internal space for door entry.

Finger trapping is not possible due to the special design of the door panels.

Simple manual operation with an excellent spring mechanism ensures smooth and quiet movement.

Because of the design with vertical movement, you don't need to move away when lifting sectional doors.

Manual operation is much easier than with single-piece up-and-over doors, especially for larger doors, as the springs assist in the entire door movement process.

Sectional garage doors are one of the few types of garage doors where manual or electric operation offers the same level of security, thanks mainly to the design and mechanism of the doors themselves. KIP KOP offers various methods of spring lifting operation, all characterized by their ease of use!

Remote electric control is usually highly recommended for garage doors primarily used for vehicle storage or frequent use. Of course, it's important to note that opening garage doors with a simple push of a button, especially in the dark or rainy weather, cannot be compared to unlocking the handle and manually lifting the doors! The latest versions of electronic controllers are very intelligent and offer high-quality control.

All sectional garage doors can be easily automated, as they are well-balanced at all dimensions and can be automated for almost any suitable garage door operator use. In combination with a quality controller, sectional garage doors are one of the safest choices available for your garage, including all the advantages offered by insulation and panel strength.
It's crucial that automatic doors are properly adjusted, especially the force sensitivity! In our company, this is done with professional measuring instruments like KMG lite.

You can choose from different brands for door automation. In our range, you'll find drives from top brands such as LIFTMASTER, BENINCA, STAGNOLI, JOYTECH.
The drive power (500N - 1200N) is adjusted to the door's size and the calculation of torsion springs, which we manufacture precisely using computer applications during the production process.
Regardless of the type of drive you choose, you will always receive 2 remote controllers, and additional ones can be purchased separately.
All drives are also equipped with a safety system; if the doors encounter an obstacle, they automatically stop and reverse. Additional safety can be provided upon the customer's request (for an extra charge) by installing additional photo sensors.

Sectional garage doors are undoubtedly one of the safest types of doors available, especially due to the excellent panel construction and the fact that the doors are held in steel guides on each side by at least 5 rollers, providing excellent resistance against attempts at forced entry. In combination with a good-quality electric operator, breaking through the doors without special tools (and a lot of noise) is nearly impossible.

Standard handles are black with a cylindrical lock.

Safety is a top priority, which is why each sectional lifting garage door from our production is equipped with:

  •     "finger security" protection against finger entrapment,
  •     a spring brake to prevent uncontrolled door wing descent,
  •     a safety switch and an additional hydraulic closer (only for doors with a built-in personal passage),
  •     safety warnings and instructions,
  •     a safety lock and a pull handle,
  •     a release mechanism that allows door opening in case of a power outage.

The technological marvel of having a door option for pedestrian access is an excellent solution for households that use the garage regularly, but not necessarily just for vehicle storage. Access to the refrigerator, tools, bicycles, etc., is easy if you have wide pedestrian doors installed that you can use without having to open the entire garage door.

You can achieve standard high security with the top door closer, ensuring that the doors are always closed. With a low threshold of just 19 mm, access for bicycles, mopeds, or wheelbarrows is very easy. A magnetic sensor ensures that remote control operation is impossible unless the pedestrian door leaf is fully closed.

The customer can choose between factory powder-coated or imitation color shades, which are:


  •     WHITE RAL 9010 / woodgrain texture / line pattern
  •     SILVER RAL 9006 / woodgrain texture / line pattern
  •     BROWN RAL 8014 / woodgrain texture / line pattern


  •     ANTHRACITE RAL 7016 / woodgrain texture / line pattern
  •     ANTHRACITE RAL 7016 / smooth panel / 1 line or without lines - sandgrain finish
  •     WHITE RAL 9016 / smooth panel / 1 line or without lines - polygrain finish
  •     GREY RAL 9007 / woodgrain texture / line pattern
  •     GREY RAL 9007 / smooth panel with one line
  •     GOLDEN OAK / woodgrain texture / line pattern
  •     GOLDEN OAK / smooth panel with one line
  •     DARK OAK / woodgrain texture / line pattern
  •     DARK OAK / smooth panel with one line
  •     MAHOGANY / woodgrain texture with one line or without lines / line pattern
  •     WINCHESTER / smooth panel with one line

Custom color? From our production, we can offer door delivery according to the RAL color chart upon the customer's request. At this point, the customer can choose from various designs or appearances.

The sectional overhead garage doors from our production have a long lifespan due to high-quality materials. Considering the prescribed annual service, customers also receive a long warranty period, which is:

  •     12 years for panels (against panel rust-through, meaning holes through the panels),
  •     5 years for other movable components!

KIPLIFT sectional garage doors come with high-quality rubber seals already integrated into the bottom panel of the door, on the sides of the frame, and on the belt of the upper panel or directly on the upper panel itself. When properly installed on level ground, sectional doors can provide excellent sealing against wind, rain, and insects.

In doors, we can install light openings or create an entire light panel. Light openings are available in the door's color, various other colors, or we can powder-coat the light panel according to the customer's preference.


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