Horizontal high-speed doors ITW-KK TRANSSPRINT

High opening speed with immediate access to the full opening height and compact door technology.

Transsprint opens at a speed of up to three meters per second. Due to the side opening of the door leaves, the entire passage height is immediately accessible. With high speed and instant access to the opening height, the movement of goods is even faster. This ensures a smooth and safe traffic flow, preventing long interruptions. The stainless steel version of the Transsprint model meets the hygiene requirements of the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries

Contactless protection with a light grid
    Collision protection
    Low requirement for a crossbar
    Wide range of colors
    Interior doors
    Exterior doors
    Large door openings
    Constant curtain tension
    Quick opening and closing (horizontal)
    Instantly accessible passage height


Size Range:
        Maximum Height: 6,000 mm
        Maximum Width: 6,000 mm
        Special dimensions available upon request.

        Equipped with a frequency converter
        Opening speed: 3.0 m/s
        Closing speed: 1.0 m/s

        Microprocessor control

        PVC-coated fabric including a large window

    Wind Load Resistance (EN12424):
        Class 2

    Collision Protection System:
        Rods lock back into the guide carriages after a collision.

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