Single wing side garage door


Single wing side garage doors are among the latest garage door systems. This door is called single wing side, because it opens and closes with individual section panels/plates that move along the guide mechanism, horizontally to the left or to the right. Due to this type of operation, they are extremely suitable for garage installation, where there is no overhead space in order to be able to mount the lifting system.

With single wing side garage doors, you can take full advantage of the space in front of and behind the garage, as they open laterally to the left or right, and then slide along the wall. This mode of operation is ideal for short access routes, for garages in the vicinity of hiking trails and for solving the problems that can be caused by fitting high off-road vehicles or other elevated vehicles inside the garage.


Insulated single wing side door is characterised by a satisfactory and not an excellent sealing ability. The high safety of double-insulated single wing side doors means that these doors are ideal for garages, which are not intended for constant heating and maintenance of the garage temperature.
In addition, isolated single wing side doors offer a wide range of dimensions and a wide choice of colours and finishes as well as a very modern look of "designer" door.

Why Isolation?
There are three simple reasons for choosing insulated single side doors:
1.    greater strength of the panel due to improved safety,
2.    excellent thermal insulating properties,
3.    to break the heat bridge, which consequently prevents condensation of garage doors on the inside!

No sectional side garage door supplied by KIP KOP d.o.o. contain CFCs, they are filled with polyurethane foam and the galvanized steel construction panel has double sheathing.
The 40 mm thick construction of the filler offers exceptional strength and reduces the damage caused by collision or impacts.

Properly installed insulated single wing side doors offer satisfactory sealing, which reduces winter
heating costs in adjacent rooms, such as storage rooms and the like, maintaining an unchanged temperature in the garage throughout the year, which is ideal for storing precious collectibles or other valuable objects that could be damaged in humid conditions. On request, additional accessories are available to further improve the insulation properties (additional sealing gaskets, sealing brushes,...)


KIPLIFT single wing side garage doors are made of panel plates, which consist of two layers of galvanized steel with finely powdered finish. The KIPLIFT single wing side garage door manufacturer is a recognized Swiss company TECSEDO. The structure of the steel KIPLIFT side panel sectional garage door is usually double-coated with an insulating core. The thickness of the door panels with double coating is 40 mm.

The steel sectional door panels are covered on the outside with a natural wood pattern that gives them a practical and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Smoothly processed steel plates have a simple modern look that complements modern architecture. This single wing side door is known as a "FLAT" door. There are also doors covered with laminate foil in the appearance of gold or dark oak, mahogany or walnut. We also offer samples with cassette motif or "cubes".
The basic price covers door with a woodgrain structure, except for the RAL 9007 colour, where the smooth single-line motif is included in the basic price!
At the customer's request, we can supply doors with the following motives:
-LINE MOTIF woodgrain
-SMOOTH MOTIF with a single line


The design of the mechanics of all single wing side garage doors is quite different from the overhead or swing garage doors. All single wing side garage doors can be operated manually or remotely; in any case, the operation is very smooth and quiet thanks to its excellent construction and design elements. The panels of all sectional doors must, according to the law, be designed in a way that prevents wedging and thus any damage.
Sectional side garage doors, when they are open, offer the entire usable width, as they have no lateral lifting arms. The height is fully usable.
The door is fitted with a bearing guiding wheel in silicone rubber, which enables a quiet and easy running of the door on the guides.


Single wing side garage doors are extremely flexible in terms of size for two reasons.

Firstly, the entire single wing side door does not lean through the opening as it is located inside the garage door.
It is only important for you that the inside has sufficient side space (CL or Cd = min. 25 cm) and the ceiling space-height of the lintel (min. 10 cm).

Secondly, the strength of the plates means that large widths as well as height up to 3000 mm do not pose a problem. The widest currently available garage door measures 5000 mm.

Installation locations

The reference dimensions for ordering always refer to the actual wall opening and cannot be installed in any other way.
Finger trapping due to the special design of door panels is not possible! Simple manual operation ensures smooth and quiet movement. You do not need to move away from the door while opening them.

Manual or Remote Control

Single wing side garage doors are one of the few types of garage doors in which manual or electric control offers the same level of safety, which is mainly thanks to the shape and design of the door mechanism itself.

 Remote electrical control is usually highly recommended for garage doors, which are mainly used for storing vehicles or, if used frequently. Of course, you must not forget that, especially in the dark and when raining, opening the garage door with a simple push of a button cannot be compared with unlocking the handle and manually lifting the door! The latest versions of electronic controllers are very intelligent and offer high quality management.

All single wing side garage doors can easily be automated, as they are well-secured for all dimensions at all times.
It is extremely important that the automatic door is correctly set up especially for the pressure of the force! In our company, this is done with professional measuring instruments KMG lite.

You can choose between different brand names for door automation. We offer high-end brands such as: LIFTMASTER, BENINCA, STAGNOLI, JOYTECH.
The power of the drive (500N - 1200N) is adjusted to the dimensions of the door.
Regardless of the type of drive you choose, you get a 2 x remote control, and can purchase even more.
Similarly, all drives are equipped with a security system, if the door encounters an obstacle, they automatically stop and return back. Additional enhanced security can be provided at the request of the customer (for an extra charge) by installing additional photo or optical sensors.

Anti-theft security

Single wing side garage doors are certainly one of the safest types of doors, especially due to the excellent design of the filler, a high-quality aluminium profiles, and the fact that at least 5 hinges hold the door in aluminium profiles on each side, offering excellent resistance against attempts of violent entry. . In combination with a good quality electric lock, doors are almost impossible to break in without special tools (and a lot of noise).

Standard levers are black with a cylindrical lock.

Security management

Safety is in the first place, so every sectional industrial lift doors from our production are equipped with:
- "finger security" protection against finger trapping,
- a safety switch and an additional hydraulic closure (only doors with integrated personal door),
- safety warnings and instructions,
-safety lock and rotary lever
- unblocking, which allows the door to open at power failure.

Integrating personal door

The masterpiece of the technology, integrated personal door, is an excellent solution for the industry, which regularly uses the garage, but not necessarily for keeping cars only. Access to the refrigerator, bicycles and the like is easy if you have integrated wide personal door that you can use without having to open the entire garage door.

Weather seals

KIPLIFT single wing side  garage doors have high-quality rubber seals already installed in the lower door panel, on the sides of the frame and on the top panel band or on the top panel itself. Sectional doors, fitted properly with respect to levelled floors, can offer excellent sealing against wind, rain and insects.

EXCEPTIONAL IMPORTANT: the floor of the building must be leveled to ensure good or at least satisfactory sealing with side garage doors.

Light openings

Openings for light can be installed in the door or we can make the entire light panel. Light openings can be supplied in the colour of the door, in different colours or, at the request of the customer, powder colouring of the light panel is carried out.

Color shades

The customer can choose between factory powder-coated or imitation color shades, which are as follows:


- SILVER RAL 9006 / woodgrain structure / line motive
- BROWN RAL 8014 / woodgrain structure / line motive
- WHITE RAL 9010 / woodgrain structure / line motive

- ANTHRACITE RAL 7016 / woodgrain structure / line motive
- ANTHRACITE RAL 7016 / smooth panel / 1 line or without lines - sandgrain
- WHITE RAL 9010 / smooth panel / 1 line or without lines - polygrain
- GRAY RAL 9007 / woodgrain structure / line motive
- GRAY RAL 9007 / smooth panel with one line
- GOLDEN OAK / woodgrain structure / line motive
- GOLDEN OAK / smooth panel with one line
- DARK OAK / woodgrain structure / line motive
- DARK OAK / smooth panel with one line
- MAHOGANY / woodgrain structure / line motive
- WINCHESTER / smooth panel with one line

Colour according to your wishes? From our production, at the request of the customer we can offer delivery of doors according to the RAL card. At this point, the customer can choose betwee different motivs or appearance.


Single wing side garage doors from our production have a long lifetime due to high-quality materials. Moreover, they also have a long warranty period, taking into account the recommended annual service, which is:
-12let12 years on panels (on corrosion of panels, which means a hole through the panel,
-  5 years on electronics and other moving components!

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